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Continuing worker verification & alerting service

Continuing worker verification & alerting service

Continuing worker verification & alerting service Continuing worker verification & alerting service


"The current WWCC has major gaps"


Carer Mate Co-Founder Aaron McMurray explains that Carer Mate was conceived from his own frustrating experience of trying to vet and screen support workers for his son. He found a major gap in the current screening system. 

Mr McMurray found that Working with Children Checks (WWCC) in Australia has a 5-year validity and on application, the National Criminal History database is checked (by the relevant State based WWCC authority). Thereafter the initial check, only the State based databases are checked. So, you can have a 5-year period where offences can occur interstate – and even have a finding of guilt in court and the WWCC in the State of issue will not be flagged.

Carer Mate supplements the WWCC system in each State with a recurring National Police check at the client’s selected intervals to fill the gap. This prevents what is known as forum shopping – with those who know how to exploit the system – have done so, as noted in the 2015 Royal Commission* report.

Mr McMurray believes there is no, and not likely to be (due to Australia being a Commonwealth of independent state authorities) a national database that is a single window in real time. When National Police checks are conducted, Mr McMurray says it is an aggregation of the individual queries and checks of the State’s databases. 

Carer Mate is accredited by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) to help organisations, guardians and workers to apply for and submit a national police check. Carer Mate is entrusted with direct access to the National Police Checking Service and plays a vital role to help safeguard the Australian community.

Testimonial from Disability Worker:

What we love about Carer Mate is that it eliminates paper and corruptible PDFs and has a single dashboard highlighting any irregularities and expiries.



What is Carer Mate?


Carer Mate is a service for the continuing monitoring and alerting service of workers.


The Carer Mate service is suitable for:

(i) individuals, parents and agencies engaging care and support workers.

(ii) clubs (sporting or other), religious organisations, schools, hospitals and medical facilities, aged care facilities, special disability accommodation units and other organisations who have interaction with children and the vulnerable (including the elderly)

Carer Mate offers different levels of accounts for (1) Workers and volunteers and (ii) individuals, parents, guardians and organisations who employ the services of these workers and volunteers.

Data Privacy and Control

As owners of sensitive personal information, workers and volunteers will be required to provide access, through their Carer Mate account, to the individuals, parents, guardians and organisations who employ their services.

This access is granted by the car worker from within the Carer Mate app. Access to your data is provided for a default period of 12 months, or you can elect to share on an ongoing basis until access is revoked.


Carer Mate is currently available for National Police Checking and Right to Work (VISA) checks. 

However Working with Children packages cannot be offered in the ACT and NT.

Please feel free to ask questions by messaging Aaron or Adam here.

About Us


Why Carer Mate ?

Part of the BlockChain Mate suite of Applications

Part of the BlockChain Mate suite of Applications

Co Founder,  Aaron McMurray has a  son, Solomon,  who requires a number of care & support workers for his daily needs. 

With the explosion of funding available through the NDIS - the number of carers required will be immense. Many parents and next of kin are directly engaging their carers rather than going through traditional channels, such as agencies.  New channels to engage carers, such as Mable & HireUp, are also altering the landscape.

Carer Mate provides parents, next of kin and those responsible with checks and continuing monitoring service - a first for  care & support worker compliance. 

Although the majority of workers are absolutely great & fantastic people - the influx of new workers will mean that new and innovative methods of establishing trust, through monitoring,  are required.  

We hope you love our service!


Part of the BlockChain Mate suite of Applications

Part of the BlockChain Mate suite of Applications

Part of the BlockChain Mate suite of Applications

Carer Mate is designed to be used as a "stand alone" application for carer compliance.

It is built on a "private blockchain" - in conjuction with parent company BlockChain Mate.

BlockChain Mate  provides invitation-only, subscription-based, ultra-secure series of application specific, private blockchains.

Rather than storing unstructured data on the blockchain, it transmits and holds your content using a standardised system of codes and encryption methods.

It is one of a suite of products offered by Blockchain Mate - building trusted networks for offical records, certification and compliance data.

See more on BlockChain Mate here.



Adam Crook

Aaron McMurray

Aaron McMurray

Adam holds a Bachelor of Computer Science and a MBA, and is currently a Program Director/Manager at ANZ.

Adam is a specialist in leading project teams in complex technology environments and has been involved in leading successful technology deployment in his current role, and for other large companies including Telstra. 

Adam has significant expertise in knowledge and information management, and security requirements. Our blockchain subject matter expert and able provider of  the technical oversight and product architecture for Carer Mate


Aaron McMurray

Aaron McMurray

Aaron McMurray

Aaron is an experienced Business Strategy Professional who has experience with a number of public listed companies in Australia and Europe. Aaron has BSc,MBA & MMgt.

Aaron has a vast “knowledge bank” - from a varied professional background – originally as a seagoing Naval Officer and corporate experience in Business Strategy and Strategic Marketing in Europe and Australia.

Aaron is able to quickly identify opportunities for value creation – especially strategic positioning to maximise opportunities with new technology.

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