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Avoid single, "point in time" checks. 

Continuing worker verification & alerting service.  For:

  • Individuals, Parents & Guardians 
  • Business & organisations
  • Workers & volunteers

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"The current WWCC has major gaps"

Are you aware that only state of WWCC registration police records (not national ) are checked after the initial WWCC application?

Carer Mate Co-Founder Aaron McMurray explains that Carer Mate was conceived from his own frustrating experience of trying to vet and screen support workers for his son.

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An overview of Carer Mate

Who is Carer Mate for:

Workers and Volunteers


You control who sees your personal check data  

For National Police checks and / or Working with Children Checks

Share your checks as many time as you wish - no need for a new check with every request!

Individuals and Guardians


Receive alerts, if those supporting your children or vulnerable loved ones, status changes or they stop sharing their verification's with you.

Don't  rely on 5 yearly checks or voluntary disclosure- use Carer Mate  to ensure your care workers are compliant through our continuing  monitoring service.

Agencies and Employers


Premium risk management of your workforce. View the status of you team & send  branded invites from your customised management portal.  

Continuing National Police checks with alerting and reporting 

Working with Children Checks supplemented with continuing national Police Checks to close loopholes identified in the Royal Commission




- Australian Criminal History Checks

- Avoid Police Check applications for 10 years on a Carer Mate Plan


Right to Work (VISA) Checks

- VISA and work status checks


Working with Children Check Monitoring

- Continuing screening and alerting of existing WWC checks.

Working with Children


Continuing National Police Checks ( 6 or 12 monthly) to supplement state based Working with Children Checks (WWCC)

No need to re-complete cumbersome National Police Check Applications for every employer

Current WWCC only have a National Police check once every 3 or 5 years (state dependent) conducted on application - but only state based records are screened thereafter.

Close this loop hole with Carer Mate's  Silver, Gold or Platinum plan.

Working with the Vulnerable


Providing a continuing verification service for those working with the vulnerable, where WWCC is not applicable

Perfect for verification of individuals interacting with people in aged  care, people with a disability or other special needs over the age of  18

National Police Checks re-screened at 6 or 12 month  intervals without the need to re-complete cumbersome applications 

Screening results available for sharing in secure portal with clients and employers


Don't have a Working with Children Check?

Carer Mate are licensed to conduct National Police Checks however Working with Children Checks must be applied for through State based WWCC Authorities

Safe and Secure

Government Accredited


Carer Mate is an Accredited Body with the Australian Criminal Intelligence  Commission (ACIC).

Authorised to access the National Police Checking  Service. 

Carer Mate have been assessed and approved against  strict security and compliance requirements.

World Leading Technology


Carer Mate is powered by our proprietary blockchain enabled certificate engine. 

Nominated for the prestigious Lloyds List awards in 2017 & 2018.


No cryptocurrency. No tokens. No BS.

Private Security Business Licence


Carer Mate Pty Ltd holds a Private Security Business Licence - registered with Victoria Police.


Licence number 953-569-00S

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Aaron McMurray


  Carer Mate Co-Founder Aaron McMurray explains that Carer Mate was conceived from his own frustrating experience of trying to vet and screen support workers for his son. He found a major gap in the current screening system. 

Mr McMurray found that Working with Children Checks (WWCC) in Australia has a 5-year validity and on application, the National Criminal History database is checked (by the relevant State based WWCC authority). Thereafter the initial check, only the State based databases are checked. So, you can have a 5-year period where offences can occur interstate – and even have a finding of guilt in court and the WWCC in the State of issue will not be flagged.

Carer Mate supplements the WWCC system in each State with a recurring National Police check at the client’s selected intervals to fill the gap. This prevents what is known as forum shopping – with those who know how to exploit the system – have done so, as noted in the 2015 Royal Commission* report.

Mr McMurray believes there is no, and not likely to be (due to Australia being a Commonwealth of independent state authorities) a national database that is a single window in real time. When National Police checks are conducted, Mr McMurray says it is an aggregation of the individual queries and checks of the State’s databases. 

Carer Mate is accredited by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) to help organisations, guardians and workers to apply for and submit a national police check. Carer Mate is entrusted with direct access to the National Police Checking Service and plays a vital role to help safeguard the Australian community.

Testimonial from Disability Worker:

What we love about Carer Mate is that it eliminates paper and corruptible PDFs and has a single dashboard highlighting any irregularities and expiries.